The 5 pillars

The Yliaster method, that supports true inner alchemy, has 5 pillars

These form a pentagram which is the symbol of the awakened human, the 5D human in a light body. In Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing we can see this shape: when we stand firmly on the ground and spread our arms, our heart opens up for compassion, giving and receiving. When we extend our arms upwards, we become open to receive what the Universe intends for us.

The pentagram symbolizes 5 steps as well as 5 different supportive branches the Yliaster method offers.


Yliaster uses 5 pillars, these are the main tools helping us to transform our consciousness.



In ancient time alchemy was about transforming materials, but it incorporates unknown, unpredictable.


As humankind evolved,alchemy became more oriented in finding the keys to cooperate with higher dimensions.



Today, alchemy is already here and represents the power that pioneers in subtile energy, like Yliasters are persevere and preserving in creating the visible out of invisible.


Inner Rainbow

The essential element of the Yliaster method is the understanding and the everyday practice that can be easily achieved through the inner rainbow and its stages.


In each of us lies an inner rainbow path that will guide us through the process of transformation step by step. It is worth following these steps as the whole message of light is there in us the same way as it is drawn in the sky. These are 12 steps, 12 understanding and practices through which the alchemy can take place. Everything starts with gratitude. Right here and right now this might be the most important thing. As we work with the colors of the inner rainbow as consciousness centers, another gate will open up for us: the gate of awakened, compassionate, happy and conscious human existence that will lead us into another world.


It is important to put a stronger emphasis on water in physicality. 70% of our body is water, so water has a huge role in transformation and healing. Water is the primary medium for spreading information, it is the element that is responsible for communication within and ouside of our body. 70% of the surface of planet Earth is also water – isn’t this interesting? As outside so inside, as above so below!

Water is connected to our inner truth. It helps the cellular communication and forms a bridge between our consciousness and the body. Water is the element of emotions. The new sense that emerges in the expansion process of the human consciousness is intuition, and this sixth, new sense is connected to the water. Working with the water becomes one of the most important tasks of the new human.

Plant inteligence

The plant essences work with the energetic bodies to assist balance in all of them and tune them to a higher and purer vibration. By dissolving the blocks in the body the herbal mixtures help us to get rid of the memories stored in the physical body.


Biogeometry, a new branch of future science whose effectiveness has already been proven, helps us to eliminate and transform the poisons originating from our way of life. These ingrained alterations are present at a mental, emotional or physical level and are caused by environmental pollution, like 5G, other kinds of radiation or even the negative energetic nodes of the Earth.

With the help of biogeometry the body, the organs can get into harmony and the same harmonization can take place in the biomagnetic layers as well.