Courses and Consulancy

Thank you for choosing to REMember who you really are and stepping into the Yliasters world!

Only accredited specialists can give consultations, Founders or Practicians who have access to training courses and have all the information and methods in which you can evaluate human body energy both at Physical, Vital and Emotional/Astral, Mental and Spiritual.

Consultations can offer online and offline.
(identification of a person’s subtle energy fields does not require its presents, we use morphological distance scanning methods)

The Goddess Road represents a set of teachings of the feminine Sacred Road and includes methods of cleaning and major transformations of female energy. This process helps heal old, secular female energy wounds and this alchemisation process is connected and simultaneously shifts the female energy for future generations. The course lasts 13 months, one day a month, and at the end of this course, The Goddess Path Within You will be awakened and achieve its maximum potential, you will know and master its power, its connection to GAIA and contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Your time is now, here and now.

Remember Humanity

The online consultation Remember Humanity is an analysis of the Physical, Vital, Mental/Astral, Emotional and Spiritual energy bodies. This analysis is done by measuring the energy vortexes (chakra) at all bodies by Yliaster method, the method based on the instruments of Biogeometry (details about this science you can find here

After the analysis, a detailed report (initial status) is sent and the recommendation of essences, oils and elixirs for this stage.

Soul Gift

Consultations online Soul Gift represent an analysis for the Re-Member Humanity status and an analysis of the status of one/more relationships that are still active and unharmonised in our energy fields.

New Man

Consultation called “New Man” is designed for men only, working with the body memory in order to remember all challenges, blockages or injuries from point in evolution, wounds that represent an obstacle in their lives. Following this consultation and recommendations, the new man can take his place and his rightful role.

NEW Human

Coaching consultant will track the customer’s road from present to NEW Human, and we use complex methods of analysis and measurement, including the use of different alternative healing methods.

Who can use YLIASTER?

1. Specific healing specialist that are interacting with human energy field (Healers, Psychologists, Alternative Medicine Specialist and Classic Doctors, etc)
2. Anyone who’s passionate about working with subtle energy.


* Yliaster services are not a classic diagnostic and treatment, and under no circumstances replace or interfere with traditional medicine treatments. It is important to know that after using these oils, psychological, metal and emotional discomfort may appear  due to the effect  of cleaning and harmonising energy bodies, but it is detox, a natural, positive response of your  body*


Genoveva Turcu


Founder & Modern Alchemist
tel: 0040 731 250 902
Cluj-Napoca , str Brancuși nr 121

Éva Rády Hermann


Founder & Medicine Intuitive master
Tel: 0036 704 2933 22
 Budapest 1038.  Donat u. 17

Mihaela Sofroni


Practitioner & Terapeut psiho spiritual
Tel: 0731193922
Deva, Bd Decebal