What is Yliaster?
Or rather who are the Yliasters?

Humanity arrived at the point in time when it has to change in order to survive. The way we do it will determine our future.




Yliaster is an expression created by Paracelsus. Many referred to the living energy under different names, Paracelsus called it raw material, Prima Materia – meaning living energy. This is the energy that is present is everything we call life.



It is time to remember what life is and how it works, to recall what it means to be human, and decide how we can be of greater help for the Earth, its beings, ourselves and humanity. This is the biggest gift we can give and receive.

Yliaster is not only
a method, it is a
way of life

Where awareness is taken to a new level, supporting us in a tangible and practical way so we can perform true inner alchemy. Thinking about change is not enough, we need to take action while discovering who we really are at every level.


To be able to recover from the difficult patterns of the past thousands of years and escape the limiting cages we created for ourselves, we need to act differently.

What happens when we follow the Yliaster way?

Our awareness can ascend to the next level that is the pattern of human consciousness in 5D. The responsibility of creation, the art of coexistence and the multi-level manifestation of health will become available for us.



The Yliaster method helps us to step into another life. It helps us to be who we are instead of being who we thought to be.



With the Yliaster method we’ll find the joy of living, the joy of understanding, the joy of love first in ourselves, then in others, and finally we’ll discover our true purpose.

The first letter of the word Yliaster, Y shows us a fork on the road. At this point we can stay in 3D where suffering is getting more and more increased, and separation and pain renders our everyday life heavy and dense.


Or we can take a different road leading to the new dawn of humanity.


We are aware that the known world in the form we operate it has come to an end. We have to develop a new way of operation but we are unable to do this based on the old patterns. It is not enough to only contemplate, we need to make changes at a cellular level, at the level of bodily wisdom where the most important things take place.

The Yliaster method, that supports true inner alchemy, has 5 pillars

These form a pentagram which is the symbol of the awakened human, the 5D human in a light body. In Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing we can see this shape: when we stand firmly on the ground and spread our arms, our heart opens up for compassion, giving and receiving.

When we extend our arms upwards, we become open to receive what the Universe intends for us.

Alchemy is already here and represents the power that pioneers in subtile energy, like Yliasters are persevere and preserving in creating the visible out of invisible.




Through light, frequencies and the practice of the inner rainbow colours help us to understand how we operate in different consciousness aspects or energetic states.


Working with water helps cellular level communication as well as opening the way to the science of healing through biogeometry and frequencies.



The plant essences work with the energetic bodies to assist balance in all of them and tune them to a higher and purer vibration.


Biogeometry, is a new branch of future science whose effectiveness has already been proven, helps us to eliminate and transform the poisons originating from our way of life. These ingrained alterations are present at a mental, emotional or physical level and are caused by environmental pollution, like 5G, other kinds of radiation or even the negative energetic nodes of the Earth.

Yliaster is another
way of life

It is a supportive tool for the memory of our inner person, the key to human evolution. It supports us in reaching a stage where the heart becomes the leader of our life. The power of the heart is an infinitely stronger force than any science or logic can be.

The Yliaster method is modern alchemy: by using the human factor behind the method and by cleansing and regenerating power and energy, it improves matter.